Standards and Common Core


The latest sets of state standards adoptions, including the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), emphasize a coherent progression from one grade to the next in the K to 12 mathematics curriculum. These progressions stress understanding of key ideas and these key ideas are returned to again and again while the complexity of those ideas grows.

Similarly, the Quantile Framework for Mathematics also consists of a coherent progression of math skills and concepts from kindergarten through high school. The innovation of the Quantile Framework is that it not only places these ideas in a progression -- similar to the state standards -- but it also places measures on the difficulty of mathematical skills. In part, because the skills have a measure, they form an ordered trajectory where the difficulty of skills can now be compared to each other using the Quantile measure.

The Quantile Framework skills and concepts (Quantile Skills and Concepts or QSCs) are aligned to each of the 50 state standards and to several other sets of mathematics standards. Two free Quantile web tools, Math Skills Database and the Quantile Teacher Assistant, allow you to search the database of Quantile skills aligned by your state’s standards. Simply choose "Common Core" from the drop down menu to access the Common Core Standards alignment. As many states transition to the CCSSM, older sets of standards and the Common Core are both listed.

Learn more about student measures, skill measures, and the benefits of matching students to skills in the What is the Quantile Framework? section.