Matching Measures

Quantile Measures -- Matching students to appropriate mathematics

Quantile measures help mathematics teachers identify appropriate mathematics that match their students’ abilities in order to target the instruction and meet student needs.

There are two measures on the same scale: a student measure and a Quantile Skill and Concept (QSC) measure. A teacher can target instruction by matching these two measures. Matching the student measure with the Quantile measure of the QSC helps students be successful with mathematics.  

Matching measures gives educators information to gauge which skills students are ready for, as well as identify which skills can be utilized to help prepare students for learning the focus skill.  If the measures are not a good match, then teachers know students are not prepared for instruction on the topic.

There is much more information embedded in the Quantile Framework and its QSCs for teachers to use. All of the QSCs are linked to each other, like a web.  The QSCs are organized into this web by measure as well as mathematical content.

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