The Quantile Map

Two versions of the Quantile map are available. Both serve as quick reference guides for what a Quantile measure means.

The larger Quantile map (11” x 17”) provides a high-level overview of the Quantile Framework and is designed primarily for use by educators. It illustrates the idea that the Quantile Framework is an interconnected web of skills and concepts with varying degrees of difficulty. The map provides examples at various difficulty levels on the Quantile scale from basic mathematics concepts at EM400Q to more advanced mathematics skills at 1600Q. 

The smaller Quantile map (81⁄2" x 11") is designed for teachers to inform parents about the Quantile Framework, such as in parent/teacher conferences. It highlights skills and concepts that students of different grades should be learning and shows the progression of related skills.

Click on the links below to view or download these two versions of our NEW Quantile map. Both versions are available in color and grayscale.

New Quantile Map (81⁄2" x 11"): Color Version, Grayscale Version (PDF)

Quantile Map 8.5x11 color


New Quantile Map (11" x 17"): Color Version, Grayscale Version (PDF)

Quantile Map color


To purchase 11" x 17" full-color versions of the Quantile map for your classrooms, visit our online store.

The Quantile Framework is used to measure two aspects of learning --- the learner and the lesson.

Learn how students receive Quantile measures.